Alcogulhe II Property – Leiria


Construction of a modern house in the surroundings of Leiria, that combines comfort and technology, with rest areas that have a view of nature, so you can enjoy the comfort of your home in the best way.

Moradia Alcogulhe II

Praça Rodrigues Lobo Building – Leiria


Rehabilitation and remodeling of an emblematic building, located in the heart of Praça Rodrigues Lobo, in Leiria, for residential studios.

Restaurante Mata Bicho Remodelação

Praia Grande Property – Sintra


Located by the sea in Sintra, this villa will be renovated and refurbished by BILT. A swimming pool overlooking the sea will also be built.
A house that may have been inspired by the poem “Sea” by Sophia Mello Breyner Andersen – The land, the sun, the wind, the sea / Are my biography and are my face.

Moradia Sintra Cover

Moinhos do Cruzeiro Building – Odivelas


Residential building construction project, by BILT Engenharia e Construção, taking place in Odivelas – Lisbon, since 2022.

Projeto BILT - obras a decorrer

Moinhos do Cruzeiro

Arruda dos Vinhos Property – Arruda dos Vinhos


Remodeling and construction of a residential building in Arruda dos Vinhos.

Edifício Arruda dos Vinhos

Vale do Mocho Property – Leiria


Home is where the heart is. To meet the wishes and needs of our client, BILT was responsible for the overall renovation of this residence.

Andrinos Property – Leiria


The family house built in Andrinos, Leiria, was the first project of its kind to be completed by BILT. With all the dedication and professionalism of the BILT team, this single-story 4-bedroom property has elements of modernity and sobriety in the choice of colors and elements of metal, concrete, and natural stone.

Alcogulhe I Property – Leiria


Alcogulhe I property is a housing construction that promises to reveal aspects of modernity in today’s construction industry.

Moradia Alcogulhe I

Quinta do Seixal Property – Leiria


With modern and unexpected architecture, this property, located in the center of Leiria, stands out for its beauty and magnificence.