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BILT is a company of excellence
in the field of Engineering, Construction, and Project.

Helder Gonçalves CEO BILT equipa
The health and well-being of employees is a priority that translates into happiness and, consequently, into greater productivity in organizations.

Helder Gonçalves — CEO

This is my dream house. Comfort, space and functionality, everything we needed for our family.
BILT was 100% committed to our wishes and determined to fulfill our project. The team worked hard and with attention to detail.

Inês Paraíso — Client

Moradia Quinta do Seixal
BILT was an excellent partner during the whole construction process, they were constantly aware of the construction details, and above all, they had constant communication with us, which made all the difference. Throughout the work, we asked for changes that were always heard by BILT, and they found a way to make them possible. All employees are friendly, helpful, and available to help, which strengthens the bond with the client.

Mónica Freixial – Client

At BILT I have found friends and a great family, of which I am very proud of being part of. Here I can bring my experience and continue to grow professionally.

Pedro Morais – Civil Engineer

To be a site manager at BILT is to embrace challenges of excellence, with high rigor and professionalism, leading to customer and supplier satisfaction, their fidelity, and the attraction of new works and partnerships. BILT provides its site managers with the best working conditions, more so than ever before.

Carlos António – Civil Engineer

BILT gives a lot of conditions to its employees. It’s great! You can see that people are doing well: colleagues walk in happy in the morning and leave happy at the end of the day. Everything is well thought out, just keep up the great environment!

Fanny Henriques- TSHST Quality & Environment Coordinator

Two years ago, when I finished my studies and went after my first professional experience, I couldn’t have found a better place than BILT, after all, you don’t learn except through experience. I am proud to be part of a team and family that has allowed me to grow so much so far, and where I know I will continue to evolve as a professional and as a person. This is just the beginning of a long journey.

Andressa Mallmann – Civil Engineer & Production Planner

I really enjoyed the experience and the day spent on a BILT site. I thank Mr. Helder Gonçalves for giving me this experience and Mr. Carlos António, for accompanying me and giving me all the information about this challenging profession. I emphasize that both actively contributed to the decision to follow the construction area when choosing my university path.

Filipe Catarino – BILT Academy


Quality and Lead Time

BILT exists with the mission of providing differentiated Engineering and Construction solutions in a market of quality and excellence, and with the purpose of making the dreams of its clients and collaborators come true.

BILT across Borders

With the goal of expanding into new markets, BILT is extending its area of activity in engineering and construction, at this moment, to the countries: France and Angola.

BILT has now, after a little more than two years, the technical and financial capacity to develop projects tailored to the needs of its French and Angolan clients, in order to bring these countries to the size of their potential.

BILT also has a long-term strategic perspective and a broad horizon of action, seeking to deepen partnerships for the realization of infrastructure projects in different areas of civil construction.

At BILT we seek to train people with a passion for engineering and construction. We believe that learning by doing is the path to professional success, to the development of mastery, and consequently, to personal fulfillment.

From project to construction, we have highly qualified professionals to present the best solutions for our clients.