BILT bets on people, trying to create conditions for everyone to feel good professionally and personally.

The practice of sports and the development of leisure activities is one of the best ways to find the balance between work and personal life, one of BILT’s priorities.

Often, this priority is extended to the surrounding community, with the sponsorship of sports groups.

BILT bets on people with irreverence and champion spirit.

Lover of speed and adrenaline, Luciano Gomes, from Antunes Motorsport, owns a Citroen
Citroen AX PD-30-39, whose accumulated victories made him mythical in the national rallies.

His perseverance and winning spirit are attractive and inspiring points for BILT, and therefore worthy of our recognition and support.

Leiria on Wheels is a show event of classic and sports vehicles, which takes place in the center of the city of Leiria, since 2014.

In the 2022 event, BILT was a sponsor of the event, as well as a participant in the car show, namely the BILT electric cars fleet.

Participating in this type of event allows not only contributes to the cultural and sporting events in the city but also increases the visibility and curiosity about the core business of BILT.

Confused Minds is a garage band composed of young artists and entrepreneurs from Leiria.

Leiria is a city with a very diverse music scene and artists of national renown. So, in order to promote creativity and art, BILT is one of the promoters of this band, so they can record a demo and reach the national stage.

JUVE is a handball club from Leiria, established in 1985. With 37 years of history, it is one of the biggest national clubs, with numerous international participations, which form athletes since the age of 5.

It is, therefore, one of the sporting institutions that has most influenced generations of children and young people in our city.

Besides the male and female handball teams, JUVE also has a gymnasium with a cardio and weight training room and group classes.

In order to support the athletes’ families during the vacation periods, JUVE promotes sports vacations with educational and sports activities for children.

BILT supports JUVE in the training of competition athletes and in the communication and publicity of the club so that it remains relevant and achieves its goals.