Looking towards a more sustainable future

BILT ZERO emerges as a reaffirmation of commitment to the investment that is made daily in rehabilitation, remodeling, and sustainability in construction.

Since its creation, BILT seeks to reduce its impact on the environment by adopting best practices in order to become more sustainable.

By reducing its ecological footprint, through the use of reusable raw materials, efficient processes, optimization of resources, and the use of renewable energy, BILT contributes to the future of the next generations.

Waste Sorting Bags

Fleet of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

The quality of the working conditions is one of the key factors for the success of companies,

therefore, with the goal of accompanying and supporting the BILT works, we acquired a new electric work vehicle with the BILT signature.

Waste Separation Bags

For Fanny Rodrigues: “On construction sites, separating waste is fundamental!”

Similar to what we do in our homes, we should encourage employees to separate waste for the sake of the planet’s sustainability.

It is estimated that in the European Union civil construction generates 22% of all waste. Therefore, it is very important to separate waste. Not only do we contribute to the reduction of space in the waste dumps, but it is also a safe and friendly way to preserve the environment and contribute to the quality of life of future generations.

BILT has sought an organized way to promote sustainability in its construction sites and offices.