BILT Academy

We are what we repeatedly do.
So excellence is not temperament, it is habit.


Over the last few years, the activity
in the area of Engineering and Construction
of BILT has grown exponentially.

Considering its regional and national activity, BILT assumes itself as an organization with an orientation towards innovation, the development of skills of its human resources, the sharing of knowledge, and the reception and training of people passionate about the project and construction area.

The BILT Academy aims to strengthen our development, giving purpose to our work.

For the Academy, each employee has value and their potential is unique, making it essential to enhance their skills and know-how.

Our vision includes

  1. empowering people, inspiring them to grow and expand their knowledge and mastery;
  2. build a community sustained by values and principles, empowering teams for the challenges of professional life, by sharing and developing knowledge and skills;
  3. through the commitment of each person and the values and principles of BILT, we establish a common goal, and with our collective competence and mastery, we are aware that the sky is not the limit!

BILT Internship Program
– Program Contents

BILT seeks to integrate into its team talents motivated to embrace the project and culture of BILT.
The internships at BILT aim to prepare young adults for the labor market, namely to work in the various areas related to construction, ensuring high-quality standards and professional development.
  • BILT Culture and Purpose
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Quality, Excellence, and Detail
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Team Satisfaction
  • Efficiency and Results
  • Hygiene, Environment, and Safety
  • Communication and Corporate Image

BILT Programs

It includes practical training in a work context aimed at complementing and improving abilities in a given training area.

It is legislated in an ordinance by the IEFP and the BILT assumes its duration of 9 months, with the aim of promoting the insertion of young people in the labor market or the professional reconversion of unemployed people.

The Intern will receive a Monthly Internship Grant according to his/her qualification level (indexed value of social support), food allowance (daily), whose value is practiced by the company, and Work Accident Insurance.

According to your performance and alignment with the company’s culture, you will have the possibility to join its staff.


It results from a curricular program of a higher education course (degree, bachelor), medium-level course (technical-vocational), or TESP (Technical Higher Professional Courses), to which the student is predisposed or is pre-established by protocol. The student is integrated into the activities that most closely match his academic experience in the labor market, thus allowing contact with the reality of work to be as close and realistic as possible to what he has developed in his training.

In this context, an Internship Protocol established between BILT and the respective educational institution is required, and its duration is variable.


Developing a summer internship can be a good opportunity to get to know the reality of the labor market, in a given context/area.

Depending on a candidate’s area of training, BILT will establish with the candidate who proposes this modality, a program in a real work context so that this short experience will allow him/her to be accompanied by one or more mentors from the organization, who will allow him/her to get to know different functions and tasks, thus enabling a more conscious and realistic choice in the labor market.


This Program arises from the partnership between BILT and the IPL, in the scope of the Project “Politécnico de Leiria + Indústria”, which is based on 3 dimensions:

-Training in a business context: internships, projects, and assignments;

-Sharing and valorization of knowledge: provision of services/joint projects;

-Social responsibility: awarding scholarships to the best students, motivating them to succeed in school, and bringing them closer to companies.

For the year 2022/2023, BILT will support 3 scholarships for the 2nd and 3rd-year degrees in Civil Engineering.


This project was created to solve one of the problems of high school: which post-high school courses should young students follow without knowing the labor market yet?

Without vocational guidance during high school, many students have difficulties or regrets when choosing a higher education course, increasing frustrations after entering the labor market.

The Integrar Project applies Job Shadowing experiences to put students in contact with companies. In this way, we can save years of life for young Portuguese, who often don’t know after high school what they want to do in their professional lives;

To solve this problem, this project has developed a platform directed to students and companies, which is supervised by the Ministry of Education and in coordination with the School Psychology and Guidance Services.

In this scope, BILT created a partnership and collaborates in the project with the Maceira School Group, in Leiria, predisposing itself to include young people interested in the Civil Engineering area.

The interested youngsters will accompany BILT’s construction site directors, receiving on-site vocational guidance before making the commitment to enroll in the Civil Engineering higher education course.

Each of these young people will observe a professional for a short period of time, from half a day to a day. Because it is short in duration, it is easily integrated into the school calendar and can be used repeatedly, allowing young people to accumulate various experiences throughout high school.

We believe that there is no better way to train than by putting your “hands to work”, either seeing the professional in the field or having the experience of one of the tasks.


It comes from the need of the construction and public works sector, in recent years, has been showing signs of great vitality and dynamism in terms of technological development, resulting from new materials and new construction processes, enhanced by the use of new digital tools, feeling the need to renew, train and strengthen the workforce in this area, contributing to the increase in the level of professional training and experience of young managers and technicians.

Answering these challenges, ARICOP (Regional Association of Industrialists of Construction and Public Works of Leiria) and IEFP (Institute of Employment and Professional Training) in partnership, is committed to attracting and guaranteeing adequate formation to interested young people, aiming at its professionalization in the civil construction, and posterior reinforcement of the essential specialized manpower to the activity.

In this scope, BILT is predisposed to welcome students of these courses, as a host company and will allow new undifferentiated employees that integrate BILT and look for specialization and professionalization.
Through IEFP, they will have the possibility to attend specialization courses, which may last from 150h to 520h with on-the-job training.